Our predictions for the World Cup in 2022 will begin with a 10/3 double from Saturday’s first two group matches. This tournament will be held for the 16th time, and 16 countries will compete in it, although it has been postponed by a year. However, before we go into the odds, let’s gain some background information about betting on rugby first.

Rugby betting: What you need to know

Rugby is a full-contact sport that is played between two teams, with the objective being to score points using a ball in a variety of different ways.

One of the most common types of wagers placed in rugby is a “match bet,” similar to those seen in most other sports. When you wager on a sport, you choose which of the two teams you think will come out on top. Because of the enormous number of points that may be scored in rugby matches, it is uncommon for there to be a tie. Because of this, there are match betting markets that do not offer the draw, while others would price a draw at almost 40/1 odds.

Betting on the handicap, often known as spread betting, is another essential component of rugby wagers. One of the teams is assigned a fictitious disadvantage or benefit as a point differential, which may either be added to or subtracted from the team’s total number of points. This is a nice market to bet on when there is a clear favorite for one side to take home the trophy.

In over/under bets, you are provided with a number and a category, and your wager depends on whether or not the provided number is surpassed. So, let’s suppose that the maximum amount of points that may be scored in a match is 40.5. If you bet “over,” and there are 41 points or more, you win your wager. You are eliminated from the competition if your score is 41 or less. If you have learned basic rules, then the good news is that rugby betting is made easy via current website platforms.

Bet on England to win over Samoa at 5/4:

After bringing over a roster packed with NRL talents, Samoa is considered a serious contender to win the trophy. England is favored to win the match against Samoa with odds of 5/4. Nevertheless, current coach Matt Parish acknowledges that his squad will not be fully prepared for their first game, which will be played against England.

During that warm-up game in Salford, England defeated Fiji with a score of 50-0, and they will be more prepared for the cool temperatures that are expected in Newcastle in the middle of October.

In our predictions for the Rugby League World Cup in 2022, we took a look at the five teams that have a reasonable chance of winning the tournament.

On November 19, the final will be held at Old Trafford, and the following teams are the front-runners to win it:


The Australian squad has already won 11 games in their history and is hoping to win their hat-trick of consecutive matches. However, after Meninga chose 13 players without a previous World Cup cap, notably vice-captain Isaah Yeo, Tedesco will be in charge of the most novice team in the history of the World Cup. Despite this, Australia is still a deserving favorite, with players like Penrith scrum-half Cleary, Souths standout Mitchell, and Addo-Carr to keep an eye on.


They defeated Australia in the championship game in 2008 and made it to the final in England five years later, but they need to get back on track after their lackluster performance the previous time around. Penrith, the team that has won the NRL title the last two years in a row, has contributed James Fisher-Harris, Scott Sorensen, and Moses Leota to the New Zealand roster. Bromwich brothers Jesse and Kenny, along with Melbourne colleague Nelson Asofa-Solomona, will provide considerable strength to an already formidable pack.

SAMOA @ 8/1:

Jarome Luai and Brian To’o have walked away from Australia and pledged their allegiance to Pacific Islanders. Jarome Luai is indeed the stand-off for the Penrith Panthers, and Brian is the winger for the Penrith Panthers. The Super League will be enacted by Danny Levi and Tyrone May, while Matt Parish’s coaching staff will include Castleford head coach Lee Radford and Leeds head coach Richard Agar.

ENGLAND @ 10/1:

Both Jonny Lomax and Mark Percival cannot play because of injuries, which is a major disappointment for England. However, Shaun Wane has recruited several exciting new players for the NRL, including England regulars Tom Burgess and Elliott Whitehead as well as Victor Radley and Dom Young. The 1954,1972, and 1960 winners came agonizingly close to breaking their championship drought the previous time, and they will hope that having the game at home allows them to go one better today.

TONGA @ 12/1:

Tonga had a spectacular performance in the tournament that took place five years ago. During the group stage, they were victorious against New Zealand & Samoa, and their loss to England in the semifinals was only by 2 points. The star striker Jason Taumalolo will try to motivate his team to perform another courageous performance. Gold Coast second lineman David Fifita and Sydney Roosters winger Daniel Tupou will also be standouts for their respective teams. Ben Murdoch-Masila, a forward who formerly played for Salford and Warrington, and Huddersfield’s Tui Lolohea, are also candidates for the role.