Rugby is quite a popular sport, but rugby betting is also becoming common now. So, what are the strategies for successful rugby betting? Keep reading to know everything about rugby betting with helpful tips and tricks.

The sports betting industry has ruled the world with massive lovers for the past few years. The switch to online betting, safe platforms, and handy tech makes it unbeatable. Also, it is anticipated to grow exponentially. More and more games are entering this industry, one of which is rugby.

Luckily you can get the best rugby union betting tips for every match here. The website has some best tips, predictions, and lets you compare the odds. In addition, you can study, research, and find some best online betting websites. So, explore every bit of it with this resourceful site. A very rough sport that is entertaining and thrilling is best for betting. So, try out betting on rugby with some helpful strategies.

Know the Difference Between League and Union

The foremost tip is to learn the basics and differences between league and union. Usually, the bettors usually get confused between the two and lose the bets. So, as the rules are different the bets also change for respective settings.

In Rugby Union there are a total 15 players with 8 substitutes. A “try” in rugby will give you 5 points. Also, “drop goals” and “penalty” will be 3 points each. Whereas in Rugby League, there are 23 players, 10 substitutes. A “try’” will earn you 4 points. The “drop goal” has 1 point and “penalty” has 2 points. So, while making wagers you must know the game well.

Research and Research

Rugby betting requires adequate research. You have to study the team’s performance, particularly their performance under stress, their health, and a lot more. Study the weather of the place where it is going to take place. Also, study opponents and consider every factor. If you are only looking at clear winners, you may lose.

Choose to bet on value factors. So, arm yourself with knowledge like how the National League is back in action in the new year and how the match went. The team may lose, but your player can be a top goal scorer. So, research and choose the odds which favor you.

Betting Strategies

Let’s discuss some popular types of betting strategies:

Moneyline: It’s the best strategy for beginners as it’s very straightforward. You have to study and analyse which team will win the match. This is best as the first strategy for rugby bettors.

Handicap:   An oddsmaker gives a positive and negative handicap to the teams. The team with a negative handicap should win the bet with more than the figure set by the bookmaker.

Totals: It refers to the total number of points obtained in a match. If you bet on the over, the teams’ aggregate score should be over that total, while if you bet on the under, the groups should combine to score less than what is specified by the bookmaker as the total.


The fan following and craziness of rugby are justified as the game is so simple yet requires study. However, the beginners can move with simple bets and, with adequate knowledge, can try various chances. So, keep yourself updated with knowledge like Robbie Henshaw named men’s player of the year by rugby writers and how this can affect the bet.

You can be the best bettor after studying players, external factors and much more. Dive into the world of thrills with various online betting platforms with the year’s fantastic tournaments.