Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, life has changed completely. Many sectors have been affected since its outbreak, and both immediate and long-term plans that anyone might have had, have been cut short.

One thing that everyone dreams of during their working life is a holiday. And although there are still months to go, the summer holidays look set to be altered by an as yet uncontrolled pandemic.

Tourism worldwide in general is one of the most affected sectors. The cancellation of flights, the impossibility of moving between countries and, depending on where, even within regions, has meant that a very important source of income, both for large cities and small charming towns, has been severely affected, leading to the bankruptcy of some establishments.

Many governments in different countries are urging the population to support and promote domestic tourism or in-country tourism. Firstly for a practical reason, as it does not involve travelling far and putting oneself and others at risk. And also for a patriotic reason: now is the time to support domestic businesses in order to help everyone to get ahead.

Holidays in mainland Australia

Perth is known to many as the “City of Sunshine”, being a mild climate city even in the colder months. Perth offers 24-hour sightseeing and entertainment. From free activities, to the best restaurants adapted to all budgets, local wines, art and shopping for winter clothes. But if you truly want to get to know this city in depth, the Aussie escorts in Perth will make you discover it 100%, in addition to having a pleasant time after sightseeing.

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Tourism in the land of the Queen UK

In the West Midlands lies Birmingham, a very touristic city where visitors can lose themselves in its streets and follow various itineraries that will help them get to know the history of the city and its people much better. Visiting the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery or the Symphony Hall are some of the options for those interested in exploring the cultural side, as well as other attractions of this city connected by many canals.

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Discover Auckland NZ

Visiting a park, relaxing with a glass of wine, hiking, adventure activities or the best shopping at the most reasonable prices are some of the attractions of visiting Auckland. Although it is not advisable to travel abroad and there is no definite date for the opening of the border – only rumours of the long-awaited reopening – when it comes to travelling abroad, New Zealand is one of the best options.

Because it is a country with hardly any cases and therefore offers a safe stay compared to other destinations that are more commonly visited, such as Australia. And of course, when it comes to getting to know the place, there is nothing better than the exotic escorts of Wellington to help those who are looking for a more complete, intimate and different way of sightseeing.

This year, it is not necessary to go far away from home to be able to completely disconnect during the winter holidays; the key will be to find the right place and, above all, the right company that knows how to offer that special experience at all times.