As we approach the end of 2022, it also opened the season for this year’s rugby league.

However, this year is different from the past as the Rugby League 2022 is technically the Rugby League 2021, which was postponed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, the anticipation of the rugby league bettors and the rugby league teams is becoming more intense as we are about to finally witness the tournament after a year of waiting.

If you are betting for the Rugby League World Cup, you might want to check out the latest odds for the Rugby League World Cup 2022 and the top betting markets you should consider. This way, you can make the most out of the rugby games that have been delayed for a year.

2022 Rugby League World Cup Betting Odds

The upcoming matches for the Rugby League World Cup this month are the teams from the 2021 league that was postponed, which are:

  • England Vs. Samoa

Happening on October 15, 2022, with the odds of England (+100) and Samoa (-122)

  • Australia Vs. Fiji

Happening on October 15, 2022, with the odds of Australia (-6000) and Fiji (+1600)

  • New Zealand Vs. Lebanon

Happening on October 16, 2022, with the odds of New Zealand (-20000) and Lebanon (+3000)

Different Betting Markets for the Rugby League World Cup 2022

There are numerous betting markets for every sporting event, including the rugby league. Each market concentrates on a specific aspect of the event. For example, it can be the tournament winner, overall result, or order of winners.

So, to ensure that you will be betting on the right market that works for you, you must first familiarize these markets and understand how each of them works. Therefore, we have created a list below of the different betting markets you can encounter when betting on the Rugby League World Cup 2022.

Match Betting Market

The match betting market is the easiest way to wager on the rugby league. It’s also why it became one of the popular bets on different online sports betting websites. In this case, gamblers would merely place a wager based on their prediction of the game’s outcome.

The home win, the draw, and the away win are the three choices on this wager. The wager is straightforward. You will win or lose, so it’s not difficult to understand this betting market.

Handicap Betting Market

Handicap betting is also referred to as spread betting or line betting in matches with obvious losers and winners or highly expected outcomes. Bookies use this betting tactic to jazz up a match with an already known outcome.

Usually, the underdog is given an advantage in the tournament, and the favorite is given a disadvantage. The handicaps increase with the size of the difference between the two points. Handicap betting aims to even out the chance of the two opposing teams in a mismatched game.

Head to Head Market

With the head-to-head market, the match odds are adjusted to exclude the chance of a draw. As a result, the odds are slightly lower, but they also ensure that the stake will be returned if the game ends in a draw.

The bettor would merely choose one of the teams, and if they triumph, the wager is a success. The stake, however, is forfeited if the side they select fails.

Half-Time/Full-Time Market

One of the most profitable markets in rugby league is the option to bet on which side will be victorious at halftime and which team will win at the end of the game. For the wager to be successful, both components of the best must be accurate. This wager has six choices that may be made.

Race To Ten Points Market

In this betting market, you will need to wager on which team will be the first to reach 10 points. The race to ten points market is a betting market exclusive for the rugby league.

You will be allowed to choose which team to bet on, whether Team A, Team B, or neither. Given how uncommon it is for neither team to achieve at least ten points, the latter alternative usually has very high probabilities.

First Team to Score Market

This next market is another unique betting market for the rugby league that allows you to wager on which team you think will score first in the game and how they will do so.

Choose the team you believe will score first, then decide whether you want to bet on a try, penalty, or field goal. Once the initial point of the game has been recorded on the scoreboard, the wager is considered settled.

Winning Margin Market

The next betting market you might want to consider is the winning margin market which is also considered one kind of single bet. A winning margin bet is also a kind of single bet. Some consider it a substitute for betting on an exact game score as it offers you more possible victorious results.

In fact, a winning margin bet means betting on the exact gap in the score between the winning and losing teams.

To Sum It Up

The Rugby League World Cup 2022 is also known as the Rugby League World Cup 2021 due to the postponement of the event last year due to the pandemic. If you are betting for the tournament that will be held this month, you should check out the above odds to see which team offers the best odds.

Moreover, you can increase your chance of winning and profiting more cash if you familiarize yourself with yourself and pick the right betting market that works for you.