Rugby is one of the greatest sports on Earth. It has a variety of players and teams which is why it has thousands of fans all over the world. As a rugby fan, you must have a favorite player and a team that your root for.

As a popular sport, it belongs up there with football, basketball, tennis cricket, and a variety of other sports covered by online sportsbooks. Sites like cover a lot of sports and come with all kinds of offers for bettors. That’s why it’s important to enjoy them responsibly.

As a rugby fan, you might be looking for the next rugby match, but instead of just waiting for it you can immerse yourself in some video games. There are lots of rugby titles out there and if you’re looking for a suggestion, then check out these games:

Rugby 22

This is the latest rugby game in the bunch and it features a variety of players and matches. Couple that with smooth mechanics and a variety of features and you’ve got yourself an excellent game. The controls might be a bit difficult for a casual gamer, but they should be a walk in the park for a rugby fan. As this is the latest one, Rugby 22 comes with amazing visuals that add a dose of reality to the game.

Rugby 08

The thing about this game is that it’s EA’s last rugby title and they made sure it went out with a bang. Rugby 08 might be a bit older title, but it’s still a relevant one. This title will take you back in time and will show you what things were like in that year. You’ll get some nostalgia as some of the players on it haven’t played rugby for years. But if you’re looking for a game that will give you the feels for the good old times then this is the one for you.

Jonah Lomu Rugby

Jonah Lomu is a rugby player and his name rings a bell because he made sure to walk away from the sport with a spectacular performance. So, it’s no surprise that there is a rugby title with his name on it. The game might come from 1997, but it’s a damn fine game.

Once you get over the clunky visuals that present the players as made out of cubes you’ll grow to love the game. It comes with fast-paced gameplay and always makes sure to keep the action going. You’ll get some old legends on the field and you’ll get to play with them. This might be the oldest game on this list, but it’s an excellent rugby title.


These are only some of the many rugby games rugby fans will enjoy. You can go for one or all of them and see what makes them different. Regardless of the game you go for, you’ll enjoy a unique virtual rugby experience. You will take your team to victory as you go from match to match.