Perhaps the most anticipated rugby event in the UK or worldwide is the 2023 Men’s Rugby World Cup.

Joined by around 20 countries, the event will be held in France across several stadiums. But before that, there are still the warm-up matches arranged by the four UK teams, typically called the Summer and Autumn Internationals; however, this year, it’ll only be the Summer Internationals.

Why will 2023 only have the summer series? What information do we have available? And what’s it going to be like for the betting community? Here are our details about the Summer Series 2023 for all rugby enthusiasts.

Why Only a Summer Series?

The Summer and Autumn Internationals are warm-up games arranged by the big teams in the international rugby scene, including the UK’s four teams: England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. These are usually held during the summer and autumn seasons of the year, with the Summer games held from July to August and the Autumn ones held around October to November.

However, there will be no full-on Autumn series this year as they will give way to the most significant men’s rugby event in 2023, the Rugby World Cup. The event will be held in France from September 8 to October 28, 2023. The last world cup was held last 2019 and hosted by Japan. South Africa stood out as the previous champion.

With this, only the Summer Internationals will be held to prepare for the world cup.


The Summer Internationals 2023 will occur in various stadiums in the UK and France (mainly the UK). It will span five weeks from July 29 to August 27, with kick-offs scheduled typically around the afternoon. The games will also be held during the weekends within said dates except for one match, which will happen Friday evening. This enables most fans to watch the games live without worrying about their regular commitments.

Tickets are now available for purchase by the stadiums. You can find them through each stadium’s site.


As for who’s participating, the teams that will be playing are all the UK teams, France, Italy, South Africa, Georgia, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. As of writing, there are thirteen announced fixtures. The distribution of games among the teams differs, with England, Scotland, and France playing four games and the rest playing around three, two, or one game.

However, as of writing, there are around 2-3 months before the series begins, so these can be subject to change. It would be best to stay updated with the event.

Where to Watch the Summer Internationals

The best way to witness a rugby match is, of course, to see it live. However, one may not be able to go to all games considering the distance of venues, or one may be unable to watch any game live. However, you can always watch them on your TV or other devices.

Your viewing options can depend on where you live. For example, if you live in the UK, the event could be broadcasted on channels like the BBC or Sky. It could also be available on streaming sites like Amazon Prime. Alternatively, it could also be viewed on massive video sites like YouTube.

Generally, if rugby is a huge sport where you live, you’ll most likely be able to watch them on your local sports channels. It would be best to look up and check as to where you can watch the event.

Odds and Betting Tips

As of writing, there are no odds yet for the Summer Series. There are, however, odds to the Rugby World Cup this year. If you want to bet on the summer series, here are some tips to help you.

Select an Appropriate Sportsbook. If you want to bet on a specific or just about any sports event, the key is to seek the best sportsbook available. While it sounds too objective, a sportsbook should always suit your preferences. The most obvious one is that they accept bets for the sports event you like, in this case, the summer series.

Given the popularity of rugby in the UK, you should be able to immediately find a physical betting shop that offers summer series bets.

The same applies to online sportsbooks; online sports betting is a popular and recent way of betting which can be more convenient, with sites having more and more events available. However, before signing up for a betting site, make sure that the site is legitimate and has all the rugby events you like. It would further help if the site specialized in rugby.

Be Updated. Before or as you place your bets, it helps to be fully updated on the event. Again, as of writing, there are no odds for the summer series yet. It would be best to find out as soon as possible since it provides insight into which team could win and pretty much determines your budget and betting expenses.

So if you visit your usual betting shop or have a sports betting site account, always check from time to time for updates if the odds are already available. You can also check out verified news sites for additional information.

To Sum it Up

With the Summer Internationals coming in July, Many of the necessary details are already out, and all that’s left are the odds if you want to bet on the event. If you want to watch one game or two, hurry up and get some tickets while they last!