Sports betting has been a part of human culture for as long as we’ve competed in sports. From the chariot races of ancient Egypt and Greece, to the Roman gladiatorial battles, to the early days of cricket, and even football competitions today, sports betting has endured over the millennia.

Though the fact of betting has remained consistent, the act itself has significantly changed. One of the major changes is the venue for sports betting. While many people still do visit brick-and-mortar betting shops, most bettors prefer to wager online.

However, though incredibly popular, online sportsbooks are still a relatively new phenomenon. In this article, we would like to discuss the different ways that you can judge a quality sportsbook. Safe and reliable websites like cover a wide variety of sports, including rugby, football, and more. But, what makes Novibet safe, and how can you discern a safe site from an unreliable one?


The most obvious and easiest way to discover whether a website is safe is by looking at its license. Licenses are issued by national gambling commissions, and they serve as seals of approval, showing that the website has been reviewed.

If a website is licensed it means that its safety and security terms are top notch, the odds they offer are excellent, and that they have top tier bonuses. Most importantly, it proves that they are legal and user-friendly. So, if you find an unlicensed website, it is best to avoid it.

  • Most Trustworthy Licenses

There are a few licenses that are internationally approved. Caribbean countries, such as Curacao, treat gambling with utmost care. So, the Curacao license is one of the most trustworthy. Apart from that one, you also can’t go wrong with any EU-based country’s license.


Reputation is also a big factor when determining a website’s safety and security. In terms of online casinos, reputation is often judged by two factors: professional reviews and popular reputation. Let us go over the two and discuss them in further detail.

Professional review sites focus on going over the sports being covered, the bonuses on offer, and the bet types that you can place. They discuss the odds and grade the website based on the popular market. If you want to know more about the technical aspects of the website, a professional review is your best bet.

However, if you want to learn more about the general vibe, we would recommend looking at the general consensus. Go over user reviews, both current and former. If you like what you see, then you will likely enjoy your time with the website.

Various Factors

A license and reputation are the two major factors to go over when determining a website’s quality. However, they are not all there is to it. There are quite a few other factors that might interest bettors, and entice them to join a website. Those would include the following:

  • Bonuses and Promotional offers
  • The inclusion of a casino
  • The Sports catalog
  • Live Betting Options
  • Different Bet Types