Super Rugby has a reputation as one of the toughest competitions on the planet, but it’s also one that has been struggling recently.

To get right to the point, Super Rugby would reap tons of benefits if they partnered with local casino brands. Gambling sponsorships have always been a controversial topic, and sports teams and leagues have been kind of going back and forth on it. It’s mainly big companies that want to get brand exposure during the big games, but there are lots of other operators that don’t even advertise via this route. In fact, in Australia, players do have access to offshore casino sites that are perfectly optimized for Aussies and you can check the list of casinos accepting australian players for ultimate fun. In 2020, there was a rumor that a popular local casino operator was considering sponsoring an Australian team.

In the year 2022, NRL clubs joined in the initiative to distance themselves from gambling sponsors. This decision does have an impact on the iGaming sector, but it mostly affects sportsbooks. As mentioned, Aussies that love to play pokies don’t really pick their operators based on who they sponsor. They look for the highest paying online pokies with RTP greater than 95% and weigh the pros and cons of the available operators. Still, gambling and sports have always been heavily intertwined, so this is a very interesting move. So let’s discuss how likely it is for Australian casinos to sponsor Super Rugby Australia in 2023.

Increasing Trend of Cooperation Between Casino and Sports

You would be surprised to know that casinos have been involved in sports sponsorship for a long time. Casinos sponsor teams, teams play in casinos, and vice versa. Casinos also sponsor sports events that are held in casinos.

Furthermore, they sponsor players who then play on the casino floor or online at an online casino during their breaks from playing Super Rugby Australia matches. In addition, many Australian casinos offer legal sports betting services so they can make even more money from their fans’ passion for the sport!

The Australian casino sponsorship business is one of the most important sectors of the country because it generates more than $1 billion in revenue for the government per year. It also has a positive impact on the economy as well as tourism, which can be seen by looking at its contribution to Australia’s GDP.

Why Is It A Beneficial Solution For Both Parties?

Casinos face a constant challenge in attracting customers, marketing themselves, and providing a unique gambling experience. So, aiming for Super Rugby sponsorships is a logical choice.

There are many ways that the casino industry can get involved with Super Rugby Australia. Casinos are already involved in sports sponsorship–you can casinos sponsoring wrestling teams and cycling teams, to name just two popular examples. But what about rugby? This would be a great way for casinos to reach the target audience of young men who love sports (and gambling).

Casino companies can use the Super Rugby team’s popularity as an opportunity to market themselves and reach out to potential customers who may not have heard of them before. Casino brands get a better reputation through Super Rugby sponsorships. Basically, they help players who play games like rugby stay fit and healthy while making money at the same time!

Super Rugby teams and players get greater exposure through casino sponsorships as well. Everyone knows that casinos attract crowds all over Australia. So everyone will see what kind of products or services they offer when they go there! There are plenty of benefits associated with this type of partnership: it helps both parties reach new audiences while promoting each other’s brand values in return.

How are Australian Casinos Hopeful of Landing Super Rugby Sponsorship?

As there is no regulated online gambling infrastructure in Australia, some assume that betting companies have less interest in the region. It’s a far cry from the truth. Aussies love to wager, whether it’s on the rugby or putting money into the pokies.

Various online gambling companies have been battling for an increased share of the Australian online gambling market for years. The majority of them are eager to take advantage of any sponsorship opportunities that arise – including Super Rugby sponsorship.

Different gambling brands have sponsored teams like the Brumbies as their shirt sponsors. And while some teams will tend to avoid such sponsorships due to the “Love the Game, Not the Odds” campaign, some continue to list entertainment and betting companies as sponsors and partners.

An alliance called ‘Reclaim the Game’ has been formed by two NRL clubs along with nine other teams from diverse sports in New South Wales to end sport’s link with gambling. However, when considering the global context, it appears impossible. Casual rugby league fans bet more on rugby now than ever before, so avoiding sponsorships with top-notch casino and sportsbook brands would only harm Super Rugby’s reputation.

There is a good chance that gambling market forces will win out in the long run. Until legislation changes, betting companies will continue to sponsor events.

What Is Already Known About the New Super Rugby?

This year’s Super Rugby competition will see the Crusaders defend their 11th title, which they won in 2022. Various regions refer to the 2023 Super Rugby Pacific Season differently. It goes by these names in different parts of the world:

  • DHL Super Rugby Pacific (New Zealand)
  • Harvey Norman Super Rugby Pacific (Australia)
  • Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific (Fij)

SANZAAR is once again organizing its 28th annual Super Rugby competition in 2023. The competition will feature teams from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Samoa, Tonga, and other Pacific Island nations. Following the 2022 season’s format, 84 matches will be played in a round-robin format before the knockout finals.

The season will begin on Friday, 24 February 2023, and conclude on Saturday, 24 June 2023, just in time for the mid-year international window. During the regular season, each of the 12 participating teams will play 14 games: 7 at home and 7 away. Also, Melbourne will host the Super Round once again in 2023, when all teams will play their round 2 games at AAMI Park.


There is a good chance that the Australian casinos will sponsor a Super Rugby Australia team. With the number of rugby fans becoming almost equal to that of football and cricket, sponsors should take advantage of this opportunity. More people are betting now as well, so sponsoring a team also means you’ll be able to attract more gamblers as well. These sponsorships will also benefit Super Rugby teams as it is a tit-for-tat situation. Is it a good investment for casinos to sponsor a team? It definitely is. Enough said.