Any true sports fan will agree with one thing – there are simply not many better things in life than having the chance to watch your favorite team live. No matter which sports are we talking about, the fact remains the same – there’s not a single resolution in the world that could ever replace the real deal.

What’s more, if you consider just how many preparations go into making watching sports games in person possible – everything from setting up the venue, marking the field with a line marking robot and ensuring that everyone stays safe and has a good time – it really would be a shame not to experience this at least once in your life.

That being said, let’s look at just some of the reasons why watching the game in person is simply better.

You get to see all of the action

Even though modern-day tech enables us to bring the entire game-watching experience to a whole new level, no technology in the world could ever replace your own experience. When watching a game in person, you get to choose and dictate on which aspects of it – or which players in particular – you want to focus on. When watching a game live, there are o weird cuts, off shots or commercial breaks that would disrupt your viewing experience.

You get to show your favorite team support

Additionally, even though there are low chances that any player from your favorite team will see or even remember your face, simply showing up and showing support in person will make you feel like you’ve contributed more than you would’ve behind your TV screen. Here, you’ll get the chance to jump, root your favorite team (or player) on and avoid the risk of scaring your neighbors or housemates with sudden outbursts of support.

You get to meet other fans

Finally, when watching a game live, you’ll get to share all of the excitement with other fans of the sport that are watching the game with you. The beauty of watching sports games live is that you’ll get the opportunity to meet various new people with whom you share the same interests and passion. And even if you don’t really like meeting new people, the energy that you’ll feel on the stadium or the viewing gallery will simply be something special. Sure, the similar vibe can be achieved in a local sports pub – but the feeling simply won’t be the same.