With many rugby clubs facing an uncertain future, it’s great to see rugby’s return, as Steve Grainger recently said.

s well as the senior sides, we all enjoy watching from time to time; kids are enjoying rugby once again, alongside women’s sides and everyone else in between who helps contribute towards what is a diverse sport. Local rugby needs our backing more than ever before, too.

Not only does participation in rugby help with both physical and mental health, but it provides an outlet for a community to come together. For some, it might be cheering on Rosslyn Park. For others, it’s a chance for their kids to make some friends. It also gives fans the opportunity to join a community and discuss local talents, place their wagers in rugby betting, and generally provide a social setting for people to come together through a shared interest. Rugby and community are interlinked.

We have recently had the news surrounding the world of football and the Super League idea, which eventually succumbed to outside pressure. Money and, ultimately, greed has well and truly taken over the sport. A similar type of scenario, albeit on a much smaller scale, is threatening the future of rugby also. Commercial success is now at the forefront of many clubs’ minds, with the prospect of 13 clubs in the Premiership next season and a campaign lasting up to ten months being mooted.

Player welfare is secondary, but making money is paramount. The next stage could potentially be 14 sides in the division and a ring-fenced league with no relegations. Ring any bells? The fact the RFU is even entertaining the idea is an alarming situation for many, especially local clubs, who could fall victim to an even larger gap between them and the top.

Keeping local rugby sustainable is vitally important. Smaller clubs need our support more than ever before. So, with that in mind, here is a look at a few key reasons why watching your local rugby team is an unbeatable experience.

Cheaper tickets

Rising costs might be concerning fans at bigger clubs, but the local rugby scene is still as affordable as ever. Most local clubs offer cheap tickets, food and drink prices aren’t extortionate, and you can bring the whole family along for a cheap sum compared to other big sporting events.

Stand up and enjoy the atmosphere

Attending a massive game at Twickenham has its benefits, but it also comes with a great deal of hassle. Tickets need to be booked months in advance, the seats aren’t always the best, and if you stand up too much, the person behind you might not take too kindly to it. Local rugby requires little planning, tickets can be purchased on the day, you don’t need to battle with automated ticket lines, stewards won’t tell you off for standing up, and the general atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

Watch up and coming talent

Many of the stars we see playing at the highest level today started in a local side. Fans of local rugby could be watching the next big thing and even end up following the player’s progress as they rise up the ranks. Nothing is more enjoyable to see, especially if it’s a local boy you’ve had a chat at full-time with on a number of occasions.

Local clubs need the support

Your vocal and financial support can go a long way. The clubs need the ticket money, and the players love playing in front of filled stadiums. Essentially, you can help the club thrive in more ways than one.