Player Discipline

Hearing Date Player Club Reason Offence Date of Offence Opponents Decision Weeks Suspension Free to Play Date Fine
03-Oct-2017 Sam Moss Macclesfield Red card Strike with the head 30-Sep-2017 Leicester Lions Proven 2 17-Oct-2017 £80
30-Aug-2017 Joshua McLarin South Leicester Red card Punching 26-Aug-2017 Peterborough Lions Proven 3 21-Sep-2017 £200
16-Aug-2017 Adam Clayton Luctonians Red card Kicking 12-Aug-2017 Bridgnorth Proven 8 10-Oct-2017 £200
16-Aug-2017 Dale Garner Luctonians Red card Shoulder charge at ruck and official Abuse 12-Aug-2017 Bridgnorth Proven 5 19-Sep-2017 £200
11-Oct-2017 Philip Nelson Coventry Citing Dangerous charge into the ruck 23-Sep-2017 Blackheath Not upheld 0 NA 0
12-Oct-2017 Matthew Edwards Loughborough Students Red card Tip tackle 7-Oct-2017 Rosslyn Park Proven 3 29-Oct-2017 £200
31-Oct-2017 Jack Gilding Chinnor Red card Punching 28-Oct-2017 Old Redcliffians Proven 1 07-Nov-2017 £200
31-Oct-2017 Samuel Tuitupou Coventry Red card Punching 28-Oct-2017 Cambridge Proven 4 28-Nov-2017 £200
08-Nov-2017 Jack Winter-Moates Loughborough Students Red card Tip tackle 04-Nov-2017 Birmingham Moseley Proven 3 28-Nov-2017 £80
09-Nov-2017 David McIlwaine Worthing Red card Dangerous tackle 04-Nov-2017 Canterbury Proven 3 28-Nov-2017 £80
14-Nov-2017 Harry Rowland London Irish Wild Geese Red card Punching 11-Nov-2017 Taunton Titans Not proven 0 14-Nov-2017 0
27-Nov-2017 Ashlee Crouch Barnstaple Citing Biting 04-Nov-2017 Chinnor Proven 14 13-Mar-2018 £80
28-Nov-2017 Lewis Snowden Broadstreet Red card Punching 25-Nov-2017 Old Redcliffians Proven 2 12-Dec-2017 £200
29-Nov-2017 Derek Salisbury Caldy Red card 2 Yellows 25-Nov-2017 Birmingham Moseley Proven 1 05-Dec-2017 £80
29-Nov-2017 George Evans Cinderford Red card 2 Yellows 25-Nov-2017 Wimbledon Sending off sufficient 0 29-Nov-2017 £0
29-Nov-2017 Alfie Toola Clifton Red card Strike to head 25-Nov-2017 Worthing Proven 4 24-Dec-2017 £200
06-Dec-2017 Christopher Zutic Broadstreet Red card Strike to head 02-Dec-2017 Barnstaple Proven 5 15-Jan-2017 £200
14-Dec-2017 Daniel Fry Old Redcliffians RFU charge 3 FP yellow cards NA NA Proven 2 26-Dec-2017 £80
21-Dec-2017 Kyle Speare Barnstaple Red card Striking 09-Dec-2017 Old Redcliffians Not upheld 0 NA £0
03-Jan-2018 Craig Dowsett Old Albanian Red card Strike to head 16-Dec-2017 Plymouth Albion Proven 8 20-Feb-2018 £200
04-Jan-2018 Jake Pope Fylde Red card Strike to head 23-Dec-2017 Caldy Proven 2 16-Jan-2018 £200
09-Jan-2018 George Hedgley Wharfdale Red card Stamping 06-Jan-2018 Luctonians Proven 2 23-Jan-2018 £80
18-Jan-2018 Peter White Coventry Red card Punch 13-Jan-2018 Blackheath Not proven 0 NA £0
24-Jan-2018 Daniel Leo Bishop’s Stortford Red card Dangerous Charging 20-Jan-2018 Ampthill Not proven 0 NA £0
24-Jan-2018 Reece Conlon Tonbridge Juddians Red card Strike with head 20-Jane-2018 London Irish Wild Geese Proven 2 05-Feb-2018 £200
31-Jan-2018 Zac Watkins Luctonians Red card Punch to head 27-Jan-2018 Huddersfield Proven 2 20-Feb-2018 £80
13-Feb-2018 Louis Whelton Canterbury Red card Tip tackle 10-Feb-2018 Taunton Proven 3 06-Mar-2018 £80
20-Feb-2018 Edward Varney Tonbridge Juddians RFU Charge 3 FP yellows 16-Feb-2018 Proven 2 27-Feb-2018 £80
21-Feb-2018 Tim Molennar Birmingham Moseley Red card Tip Tackle 17-Feb-2018 Fylde Proven 3 12-Mar-2018 £80
28-Feb-2018 Ben Hoyle Huddersfield Red card Match official abuse 24-Feb-2018 Sale FC Proven 3 27-Mar-2018 £80
13-Mar-2018 Samuel Pailor Stourbridge RFU Citing Misconduct 10-Mar-2018 Sale FC Proven 6 01-May-2018 £200
16-Mar-2018 Samuel Prior Taunton Red card Strike to head 10-Mar-2018 London Irish Wild Geese Proven 2 27-Mar-2018 £80
16-Mar-2018 Thomas Marple Huddersfield Red card 2 Yellows 10-Mar-2018 Sheffield Proven 1 27-Mar-2018 £80
27-Mar-2018 John Blanchard Sale FC Red card Strike with head 24-Mar-2018 Wharfedale Proven 2 10-Apr-2018 £200
28-Mar-2018 Nicholas Sharpe Huddersfield RFU charge 3 FP yellows Proven 2 17-Apr-2018 £80