The RFU has announced that all rugby activities have been suspended until 14 April at least. This includes all games, training and rugby education courses run by clubs around the country.

It was expected that this would happen, and the move plunges many clubs into a period of uncertainty moving forward. They are going to have to work out plans to remain afloat and keep outgoings down to a minimum, with no income to pay for them.

Rugby is its own sport and has a governing body to make decisions. Clubs will want to return to action when it is safe to do so, but will that decision be taken out of the RFU’s hands?

Football is the biggest sport in the UK and the Premier League is at the centre of everything. Will we see football laying down the rules for return, and everyone else following them?

Is it Possible for Sports to Return Ahead of Others?

As sports decided to cancel activities over a number of days, we saw some cancelling early while others played one last round of games before ending things. The RFU allowed games to take place last weekend before bringing in the suspension.

However, when we are talking about returning after the pandemic has passed, this is a completely different situation.

No one will want to come back too early and potentially put people in a position where they contract the virus while cases are on the way down.

It is for this reason that sports could work together to all come back at the same time, so that no one sport stands out as potentially doing something ahead of when they should be.

A move like this is likely to be orchestrated by the Premier League, who are making decisions for much of the wider footballing community.

Will This Season be Completed?

This is the million dollar question that is facing all fans right now, and it isn’t just a question being asked in rugby union. Many sports fans are asking the same about the leagues they follow.

The hope is that they can and there is certainly an appetite for that from lovers of the game and those who place a bet on rugby. With few sports to bet on at the moment, punters are waiting to see which leagues return and are played to a close.

This may mean games played through the summer, a traditional rest period for rugby union, but these are unprecedented times and punters would have to adapt their thinking if this happened.

When games do return, whether it is this season or next, punters will be able to claim a free bet from reputable bookmakers when they sign up with them.

There are some big decisions to be made in the coming weeks, hopefully we can conclude the season and have a bet on the games that are remaining.

When Will a Decision be Made?

This is another tough question to answer. If you believe that all sports will come back together as one then it is important to know that the Premier League and other football leagues have been given until 30 June to complete fixtures.

This means, if they and other sports wanted to, they could come back in June when things are hopefully better and complete the rest of the season.

That would be followed by a shorter than normal summer break before beginning again next season. Whether this is enough time for the virus to pass remains to be seen, it may not be and that would take us into a position of how to end the season if games cannot be played.