The road to the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France is well underway, and while we are still almost a full two years away from Rugby’s biggest tournament starting, big news are already coming out from various ends of the Rugby world, especially regarding how all the action might end up unfolding in France come November 4th, 2023.

Even with the tournament being some time away, betting picks experts are already pitting certain teams as clear favorites for the Rugby crown, while others are seeing their chances at causing a major splash being demurred down.

For now, and while we continue our wait, we bring you some of the more important and recent facts we’ve come to learn recently from the world of Rugby and its 2023 World Cup Tournament.

African Qualifiers For 2023 World Cup Will Be Played In France

In a move that could be taken as misunderstood and a tad debatable, Rugby Africa, the governing association over Rugby in the continent of Africa announced last month that they had chosen France, the host country of the upcoming 2023 World Cup Tournament as the hosts of their Rugby Africa Cup 2022, their continental Rugby tournament that will also work as the qualifying competition for African teams bidding for a spot in the World Cup the year after. While the association defended their move stating that bringing their tournament to France would help in great lengths for African rugby to gather more exposure internationally, it didn’t take long for their membered federations to raise their voices in protest.

With allegations that a move like this only benefits the French, especially since local African team supporters will most likely not be able to follow their teams because of the Covid-19 ridden travel restrictions, which continue to get tougher and tougher for African passport holders, the decision has been met with serious taints of negativity. It’s been said that several African countries, including Kenya, where the Rugby Africa Cup has been hosted before, all put in their respective bids to be hosts to the tournaments, only to be shunned away in favor of France. Defending the fact that hosting the tournament in Africa would mean higher exposure rates and generation of revenue for Rugby Africa and the tournament’s participants, the organizers have doubled down on their pick to have France host them, and there is no apparent way back from it now.

In America, Uruguay Have Punched Their Early Ticket To France 2023

When speaking of rugby in Latin America, probably 99% of fans will automatically think of Argentina as the main attraction when it comes to the sport, but after punching their early ticket to the 2023 World Cup tournament, all while routing the United States, Uruguay is ready to make their presence felt in the upcoming World Cup. Uruguay, who managed to turn around from a three-point defeat in their first matchup against the US, beating them by 19 points at home in Montevideo for a total aggregate score of 50 to 34 will be looking forward to competing in their fifth World Cup tournament in history and their third straight.

But what does this mean for the other qualifying spot for the Americas? Now, after being routed by Uruguay, the US Eagles will have one more chance to try and book their ticket to France 2023 next year as they’ll be playing a two-game series against Chile’s Los Condores, who did their own against the former 2019 World Cup quarterfinalists Canada after a thrilling nine-point win in Valparaiso, Chile.

All Blacks Continue As Everyone’s Favorites For The Title

It shouldn’t be a surprise that New Zealand is being considered the very early odds on favorites to leave France as the 2023 Rugby World Cup Champions. While the All Blacks will surely have the toughest inaugural draw out of all the teams, having to play the hosts France, who are pitted as the second place favorites to win the competition, in the first game of the tournament, that still doesn’t necessarily mean much to a New Zealand team who will be looking to get back on the title route, after having to make peace with a third-place finish in the last World Cup tournament in 2019.

Other teams that are looking very good for Rugby pundits early on are England who will be looking to avenge their 2019 second-place finish, the defending champions South Africa and we could even be in for a surprise run from teams like Wales and Australia who will surely be looking to light up the competition. For now, we can just wait patiently and continue getting excited for what’s to come.