Over the last few decades, there has been an increasing focus on responsible entertainment across all sports.

From the introduction of strict safety regulations to ensure player welfare, to measures put in place to reduce the amount of violence and aggression seen on-field, rugby is no exception. The sport has kept pace with this growth in responsible entertainment by introducing a number of initiatives designed to make it safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

This article will touch on what responsible entertainment is and other entertainment industries that are embracing it, as well as delving a little deeper into what this great sport has done to keep pace.

What is responsible entertainment and where can it be found?

Responsible entertainment is any form of media that is created with the intention of being educational, inspiring and/or entertaining without promoting negative values or behaviours. This can include movies, sports, books, music, video games and anything else you would consider media. Responsible entertainment can be found in many places online and offline.

Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu offer a wide variety of responsible entertainment options. Even some online casinos are embracing this mentality and are promoting responsible gambling practices to their own apparent detriment, Happy Tiger™ is one such casino, that claims that the first rule of gambling should be to stop as soon as the fun stops. Many libraries have collections of books and movies set aside that are deemed suitable for all ages.

How has rugby adapted to the modern demands for responsible entertainment?

Rugby has adapted to the modern demands for responsible entertainment by introducing a number of initiatives and regulations. For example, the International Rugby Board (IRB) has implemented a zero-tolerance policy towards foul play and dangerous tackles, with players facing severe sanctions if they are found guilty of such offences.

Furthermore, the IRB has developed an education program that provides information on how to stay safe while playing rugby. This includes advice on proper tackling techniques and how to avoid injuries.

Rule changes to promote safe play

There have been a number of rule changes made over the years to foster a safer playing environment, these include changes such as reducing contact time between players during scrums and mauls, as well as stricter rules around tackling techniques that limit potential injury risk.

Additionally, referees now have greater powers when it comes to punishing dangerous play or foul language used on-field. As a result of these measures – along with other initiatives taken by governing bodies – rugby can be enjoyed safely and responsibly by fans from all over the world.