Rugby is a well-known football game all over the world. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “rugby”?

A lot of people tackling each other, shouting and trying to catch an oval ball, isn’t it right? Yes, and no. Rules of this game sounds so much easy, but in fact this game has a hard strategy. This strategy makes the game challenging and attractive for those who like to place bets in casinos not on gamstop uk.

A little about rugby history

Have you ever heard the name of William Webb Ellis? He’s a founder of this game. Long time ago, in 1823 he broke the rules, when he played football. This year is called the year of birth of rugby. England is a mother of rugby, but nowadays people play in this game all over the world in such countries as Australia, RSA, New Zealand etc.
Even people, who don’t like sports games are really enjoying when they watch rugby. We wouldn’t talk about existing stereotypes, because players are not stupid or inadequate. It’s a really interesting game and everything can happen on the field.

How Rugby and online casinos are connected?

You may ask this question and we’re going to explain this connection. You can like sports games, but you can’t join a sport club for example. So you can try to bet on sports games. Millions of people are bet on football. Some of them don’t put attention on rugby and it’s a big mistake. It’s much better to place bets in an online casino, because live broadcasts are possible there and no one will distract you. What needs to be done for successful rugby betting?
Carefully study the rules of bookmakers in which rugby bets are planned;
Analyze the upcoming match, study the starting lineups and how they differ;
Check the weather forecast, for this it is better to use several independent sources, or even better – insider information (directly from a resident of the country or city where the match will be held);
Don’t place bets on those events, the meaning of which raise doubts or questions.

Types of bets

Rugby is no different from other sports, so in the line of bookmakers you can see traditional offers:
Outcome betting;
Handicap / Handicap Betting;
Total bets;
Special rates.

Outcome betting

Bettors are asked to predict the winner of the match. In rugby, odds per match winner can vary. In fact, this sport has its own favorites, making bets on which you rarely find yourself in the red. These are the national teams of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Wales. If the line offers victories of these teams, albeit for a small coefficient, then you can place bets on them, and they can also be combined into express bets.
Of course, in rugby, as in any other sport, there are sensations. However, it rarely happens that the clear favorite loses the match. By the way, depending on the rules of the tournament, some bookmakers may take into account the results of extra time, and some may not. Therefore, before starting to place bets on the outcomes in one or another bookmaker’s office, it’s important to read the paragraph of the rules for accepting and calculating bets related specifically to rugby.

Handicap Betting

In this sport, many factors can influence the handicap. The composition of the participants, the nature of preparation for the competition, personal meetings of the teams. However, the most unpredictable factor is the weather. Rain, strong wind, all this complicates movement on the field reduces the number of accurate passes.

Total bets

By analogy with the previous type of bets, total bets are calculated. By the way, bookmakers don’t offer total points for some matches. This is due to the fact that teams are so unpredictable that they can demonstrate any result.
Just like in handicap betting, related factors are important for total, especially weather conditions. Therefore, you should always have the latest weather forecast at hand.

Special bets

These types of rates include everything that was not included in the previous paragraphs. Such proposals include: choosing the best player in the tournament, choosing the winning team of the tournament, comparing teams (who is higher at the end of the season or tournament), etc.
Always remember – you can win on this bets not only because you know rules of this game. You must really love and enjoy it – this can make you successful. So what’s the conclusion? Rugby is an interesting sport that successfully combines dynamism and cruelty. The game is captivating with passion, with which the players of one and the other team try to move from defense to attack. Nobody forces you to bet only on rugby, but it is necessary to become familiar with this sports discipline, especially since many bookmakers offer a solid number of bets on rugby tournaments. This means that there is a chance to make money. Therefore, it must be used.