Few sports can match rugby’s high-stakes aggression and demanding gameplay.

It is almost two centuries old, widely acknowledged to have been invented in 1823 during a football game at Rugby School. Mascots have become a fundamental part of the sport over the last several decades and over the country just like recognisable faces like Mr Monopoly are for board game enthusiasts. Online casino games such as the Monopoly Megaways slot are fantastic ways to see how this legendary British entertainment character’s popularity just keeps increasing. Keep reading for the most recognisable examples of rugby mascots!

Archie the Stag – Nottingham Rugby

Nottingham Rugby has had a long and loving relationship with Archie the Stag. According to his Instagram, he’s Nottingham RFU Club’s No.1 fan. It’s difficult to argue with that, as his enthusiasm on the sidelines during the team’s RFU Championship fixtures testifies to.

But that’s not the only time you can see Archie the Stag strut his stuff. The Nottingham Rugby mascot is a regular face across the city, opening various festivals, fayres, and businesses. The stag frequently gives away free home game tickets, so don’t miss him!

Lochie – Scottish Rugby League

This kilt-wearing monster from Loch Ness is absolutely bonkers for Scottish rugby. He raises spirits in the Scottish Rugby League and for the national team, attracting new fans in the process. Lochie is a well-known face among Scottish sports fans, and you can watch him in action in the Scottish Rugby League.

Leo – Wellington Rugby New Zealand

Leo the Lion is one of the world’s oldest rugby mascots, a key character for the Wellington Rugby Football Union since the 1960s. He has gone through various styles and appearances, most recently getting a facelift in 2015. Leo used to be much more cartoon-like, but designer Bryce Curtis gave him a more ferocious look as part of the rebrand.

The Wellington Rugby mascot is a regular face on the sidelines, roaring the team on with trademark enthusiasm.


Archie, Lochie and Leo are just the tip of the iceberg regarding global rugby mascots. Although these are the most recognisable, there are countless others, such as Scorch of the Welsh Rugby Union.

These figures benefit team morale, crowd support, and people’s participation in the sport. You’ve got to love them!