It is no secret that sports usually require different sponsors. You may not be the biggest fan of football or rugby, but we bet that you can notice that the majority of players even wear popular brands on their T-shirts.

We can call this a successful collaboration between brands and players. The brands are getting required advertising, while players and teams, in general, can get proffered and sponsors to help them win. So we can hardly be surprised that any successful online casino would be more than willing to sponsor a team. After all, gambling is a rapidly growing industry that reaches billions of dollars every year. It is a perfect time to combine sports with online games.

There are quite a few reasons why any online platform would want to sponsor a team, especially as successful as French rugby. First and foremost, it is all about getting attention and advertising. Any new online casino needs a lot of fans and dedicated users. Considering the amount of competition in this industry, it is very challenging to attract attention. Sometimes, exquisite design, wonderful interface, and all the details do not do all the job. As a consequence, such websites may require additional help. So today, we wanted to take a closer look into the scenes of deals between sports teams and casinos. Why are they successful? What is the profit involved? What can we expect from it? Continue reading to know more!

Sports and Online Casinos Walk Hand-in-Hand

Before we get into a more complicated analysis, we need to establish a link between online gambling and sports. There was no particular date when sports betting appeared for the first time. We can definitely say that it was around the 18th century. Even though people didn’t gamble or bet on their favorite rugby or football players, they did a number of other things. The first sport that was appreciated along with the fans of sports betting was horse racing. It was the first opportunity for people to enjoy gambling and get a profit while loving the show. We think that there is no need to define the rules of horse racing or sports betting. Here you are simply selecting a horse or a player who has a high chance of winning a certain competition.

Considering how popular horse racing was, many were struggling to legalize it. It was first considered to be illegal due to the fact that the government could rarely fully control it. Nevertheless, as soon as people realized how profitable it really was to place or take bets, governments got very intrigued and started to get involved. It was almost impossible to speak about the full legalization of sports betting, including horse racing, but people were getting closer to considering this sport finally legal.

Nevertheless, we still cannot tell you when the exact moment when sports betting became relevant for other sports. There is no particular date. Still, since its start in the 18th century, it has almost been four centuries. So we dare to make a conclusion that sports betting will be connected with rugby, football, horse racing, soccer, bowling, baseball, and other sports forever.

The Art of Rugby

Since we have properly defined sports betting, we can hardly skip talking more about rugby in general. Once again, it is hard to tell when this game was initially created. It might be a coincidence, but it wasn’t long after the invention or the start of sports betting. But many claim that it originated in England somewhere around the beginning of the 19th century. It was also the same date range when football was invented. We can practically imagine someone playing football and deciding to pick up the ball to invent a new game. We know that you are definitely a fan of rugby. But since we are targeting different people, we also should talk more about the basic rules of this game.

We can definitely say that it is a brutal sport. Players who are involved in the game do not use shoulder pads or even helmets. So injuries are rather frequent. The ball is not thrown directly but actually pitched backward to the teammates. You also cannot block people from helping your teammates around with a ball. Practically you can get tackled down at any given moment. That is why we have already said that it is a rather brutal sport. But the rules themselves are a little bit more complicated. It’s not only about getting the ball or tackling people.

Depending on the type of rugby, there are different rules and regulations. There is a variation where you have seven or 15 players. For example, Olympic games prefer rugby with seven players on each side playing for the opposing team. The game itself takes around 14 minutes or seven minutes if we divide it into halves. For those who don’t know the rules, the game might seem confusing and rather haptic. However, it is definitely exciting, even more so than football.

Behind the French Rugby Team

So now you know the basics behind not only sports betting but also rugby. But what do you actually know about France and the French rugby team? We definitely know that it is one of the most successful and well-known ones in the world. As a matter of fact, the French national rugby team is the 3rd highest ranking European rugby team. Besides, it is also the fifth highest-ranking team in the world. Can you imagine that? For the game that was originally invented in England, the French rugby team surely knows how to play.

The game is self, and partially the national team dates back to the 70s of the 19th century. The majority of national teams compete in European tournaments and championships. France itself often hosts world cups, and actually, this country will host again next year, 2023.

So it’s safe to say that the team itself is rather popular. The team was first believed to be playing a game that was a mix of football and rugby. Nevertheless, over the years, the players were becoming more and more trained. Here’s an interesting fact for you: this team is more popular in the south of France than in the north of the country. We always found this division to be very intriguing.

Seems like the south of the country has more rugby clubs and offense than any other. Here’s a quick conclusion for you: signing a contract with this particular team almost guarantees that at least half of the country and possibly the rest of the world will watch all the team players attend to win. It also means that your particular company or brand will have maximum attention from millions of French and international fans.

Collaboration Between Casinos and Sports

We often hear about successful collaborations between different brands and sports teams. Such brands as Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Pringles, and many others spend millions if not billions of dollars every year just to sponsor a team. It is especially true when there is a huge international event going on. We can take the Super Bowl as a very good example. Simply buying 30 seconds of commercial time will probably cost you almost $7 million. Is it cheaper to sponsor or collaborate with a sports team? There are no trustworthy numbers available online. But will it definitely be more worth it than 30 seconds of the screen time? We definitely think so.

Besides, unlike brands that we have already mentioned, online casinos actually have a natural link between sports and themselves. Take sports betting as a good example that we have already discussed. We can hardly watch a game without considering that people can get a profit from it. You’re not getting anything from simply drinking Pepsi.

So it is no wonder that more and more casinos, especially online ones, are considering successful collaborations between them and national teams. It makes it even better than this team is actually sponsored by the government itself. Your casino instantly becomes not only more profitable but also more trustworthy. So, yes, such sponsorship might be more expensive than commercials. But the profit will definitely increase. Additionally, casinos are also getting attention, license, trustworthiness, and association with successful teams.

Players on the Field and Online


Believe it or not, many successful rugby players are actually fans of video games and online titles themselves. You heard it right. They are players not only on the field but online as well. What is the possible reason behind this allure many players feel for online gambling, casinos, or traditional online games? There is a very common component between playing rugby and playing online.

This common denominator is actually excitement and even adrenaline. There is nothing quite like scoring for your team or getting a jackpot. It is full of thrill and excitement. So we are definitely not surprised to learn that many players enjoy both activities equally.

So there is yet another advantage between becoming official sponsors or partners of French rugby. There are many players on this team who will not only advertise your content but also try it themselves. If your game or titles are worthy of attention, the profit will definitely reach unbelievable heights. Besides, online casinos are also getting attention from players who combine sports betting with live streams. It is an excellent opportunity to attract new audiences, including Gen-Z and millennials, who are more attracted to the online world than anything else.

Why Online Games and Sports Are Profitable

We have touched on this point before, but we definitely should come back to it now. We mentioned earlier that sports betting and online games are profitable. It is true not only for players but also for fans. If you know a thing or two about games, you will be able to predict the outcomes of certain matches almost perfectly. Therefore, it gives you a perfect opportunity not only to enjoy the excitement of the game but also to gain profit. It is all about balance.

But let’s do basic math, shall we? There are at least 80 million people watching international or global shows like the World Cup or the Super Bowl. Even if every single person bets one dollar, The casino already has at least $100 million at its disposal. It doesn’t mean that they will get every single dollar back, but the house always wins, and everyone knows that.

Moreover, we hardly think that anyone is surprised to learn that professional football or rugby players are gaining millions of dollars for their contracts. Here we’re talking not only about millions but hundreds of millions for each contract. It is a profitable business all around. So if the casino is partnering with a successful national team, they are also getting access to players who do not shy away from spending so much money from their contracts. You shouldn’t also forget that when someone interested in gambling finally sees your casino advertised by their favorite team, they are more likely to trust you and try it out. Overall, it signifies why online casino partnerships are so successful and popular.

Making Profit From Playing

Now let’s go back to making a profit. It is everything that the majority of fans actually want. Simply imagine enjoying your favorite team’s win and being a part of it. You’re not only excited because of the victory. You are also getting a desirable profit simply for enjoying what you do. We might call it a dream job, even though it is rather unstable. So before we go anywhere further, please, look down below to see what things you should consider in order to actually gain profit when gambling:

  • Choose casino providers who actually have an official governmental license. This way, you know that they are actually trustworthy.
  • Consider proper payment methods. We don’t recommend using payment methods associated with bank accounts. It is much better to utilize digital wallets for cryptocurrency. It may actually double your win.
  • Do prior research. Even though you can trust online reviews that will tell you about odds and possibilities, you as a fan have a much better knowledge of your favorite teams. Trust your instincts and evaluate previous matches in order to understand which team or player is going to win.
  • Never bet more than you have. Setting and controlling your budget is one of the best ways to ensure that you are actually making a profit.
  • Gambling responsibly is a key that all professional players utilize in order to gain profit. This can be done by depositing your money or using digital wallets for your convenience.

These are some of the tips that we learned to use ourselves. But, remember, practice makes perfect.

Games For Fans of Sports

Another thing that many fans also enjoy about successful collaborations is the fact that they are getting a lot of games associated with sports. It is like telling a Disney fan that they can enjoy an online game dedicated specifically to their favorite characters. It is a dream come true. There are actually dozens of different games that are themed after real sports.

Even though the majority of them will be centered around football or similar sports, you can definitely find options for rugby and less popular activities. You will also notice that such games may not offer the most intriguing bonuses out there, but they definitely use setting and theme to their advantage. It is likely that he will see your favorite players as expensive symbols for the slot machines. Bonuses might also be connected with rugby.

We also have a couple of more recommendations for you. If you are someone who is obsessed with sports in general, including the winter Olympic games, there are quite a few suggestions available for you. We definitely recommend you check out the list of winter sport themed games available for the fence. It is one of the best and most comprehensive lists out there. It will definitely give you a couple of suggestions as to games you should try. Yes, none of them are connected with rugby. But we are simply trying to enlarge your horizons. Besides, all of them were developed by popular game providers and offer more than intriguing games.

Is Gambling Even Popular?

It is yes and no. Everything depends on the country where you are gambling. We can take the United States as a good example. Even though gambling is illegal in New Jersey, Florida, Nevada, and similar states, it was illegal before in New York. New York is one of these states that only recently legalized sports betting and everything connected with gambling, so you should definitely check all the rules and regulations.

Besides, we can also argue that the mentality and characteristics of citizens will also influence the decision to play or not to play different casino platforms. In this case, Norway comes to mind. Citizens there can enjoy legalized gambling to the fullest. Even though there are no legal land-based casinos available, the selection of online versions is immense. We can definitely say that Norwegian citizens are almost obsessed with gambling. It is one of the most popular activities out there in Norway. Is gambling popular in France? Well, both land-based and online sports betting are definitely popular as they gain millions of dollars almost every year.

Laws and Regulations

Our final point definitely concerns the rules and regulations of online gambling in France. We cannot judge the licensing or approval of online casinos. But we can definitely tell you that you are free to play in land-based casinos in France. The same can be said about online sports betting. It is legal and is fully supervised by the French government.

If you want to play online in France, make sure you do prior research. We definitely recommend searching for casinos that actually have a license. To be honest, operators of sports betting and online slots can be licensed by not only the French government but international offshore operators. So it is up to you which license you want to see.

Nevertheless, it is definitely to your advantage to use online platforms that will have legal grounds to provide their services. Why? Well, if you are using a website with a license, they are less inclined to trick you. After all, the best casino websites out there are famous for their mathematical models. It also means that they can change their math. It is up to the company that has licensed their work to check whether mathematical models are fair to players. So the license will come first.

Final Thoughts

Today we definitely had a long journey through French rugby and its undeniable connection with online casinos. Answering a very complicated question and trying to find out why the casino became the new official partner of fresh rugby, we discovered a number of answers all at once. First and foremost, such partnership and collaboration are definitely profitable for the casino itself. It is getting more and more active fans and attention from the community. Additionally, they are opening their platform to a new audience of not only fans of gambling but also those people who are obsessed with rugby.

Additionally, they are collaborating with a team sponsored by the government itself. It is one of the greatest advantages of these deals. After all, with this collaboration will also come trust and trustworthiness. Moreover, anyone can hardly be surprised by this partnership. We think it was predicted several decades ago. The undeniable link between online platforms and sports has been relevant since the 18 century, well, at least between sports betting and horse racing. But you get the point. So we are expecting to see more fruitful collaborations between online gambling platforms and such famous teams as French rugby. We are sure that they will definitely impress us in the future.