The future of rugby from top to bottom is in doubt at the moment. Many clubs have expressed concerns about their ability to continue without income from matchdays.

Those at the very top of the sport are going to struggle if games are played behind closed doors, showing that it is impossible for any clubs from lower down the pyramid to do the same.

This means, we are unlikely to see rugby played at the lower levels for the next few months, and it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in the world if we didn’t see any rugby until 2021. We are not sure when the next National 1 fixtures will take place.

The future at the moment is very uncertain, but one thing that each club knows for sure is that when rugby does come back around, people will want to go and watch their teams. That’s good, because now, more than ever before, your rugby club needs you.

The Covid 19 General Impact on Sport

The sporting world has come to a standstill pretty much over the past few months, and only now are things beginning to slowly emerge.

However, the fight hasn’t really started, let alone finished. There is a long way to go before sport can be described as something that is back to normality.

We are seeing events such as football and horse racing return behind closed doors and bookmakers such as those on the bookies offers website have reported turnover to be good. However, rugby is not yet part of them, something that may not happen until fans are allowed back into stadiums.

Those who do like a bet on rugby at any level will be hoping that the games are allowed to continue at some point so they can join football, horse racing and many other sports in enjoying a wager.

What Can Clubs Do to Survive?

Pretty much every club from the top tier down to the bottom is in survival mode right now, hoping to do whatever it takes to get to the other side of this.

Clubs are cutting costs everywhere and doing whatever they can to bring in tiny amounts of money. As things stand now, they don’t have their biggest source of income, which is ticket sales, and also don’t have another large source of income which is matchday food and drink sales.

The best thing that clubs can do is simply hold on. This isn’t the Premier League where millions are at stake, every penny counts in rugby at this level.

This virus will impact every club, the key is to make sure we don’t lose any along the way.

What Can You Do to Help?

So, what can fans do to help out? The first is to continue to show their support for teams and try to raise awareness of them, even at this time.

When we are allowed to attend rugby again, then is the time for people to turn up, watch games, enjoy what we’ve missed and if possible, support the club with matchday sales.

The more people that go, the more tickets are sold, and the more food and drink is sold. This is where awareness comes into play.

Therefore, if your club needs help on social media, it only takes a few seconds to retweet or share posts that will reach your friends.

If every fan can convince one friend to go to a game and support a local team then that will all turn into vital money that will help keep your club growing.

You are needed more than ever before, and together we can keep grassroots rugby alive.

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