National League Rugby clubs up and down the country will have the opportunity to take their game to the next level as part of our new partnership with STATSports, the world’s leading company in GPS Player data.

STATSports already provide GPS tracking and performance monitoring technology to some of the biggest sports franchises and athletes across the world and now National League Rugby can also benefit from the most advanced wearable tech on the market.

From an overall league perspective, we strongly feel that clubs at levels three and four can utilise the data provided by STATSports but we also think it is perfect for any team or player, regardless of level, wanting to improve. You don’t need to be a sports scientist to gain insights from the metrics measured. It can provide measurements and benchmarks allowing the team to progress and compete with each other, pushing teams to improve.

STATSports’ Apex Athlete and Coaching Series can aid with this.

From an athlete’s point of view, this innovative technology will measure no less than 16 key physical output metrics including total distance, high-speed running, accelerations, decelerations, high metabolic load distance and max speed.

From a coaching perspective, the GPS performance data is simplified for all levels and now features 18 metrics, allowing coaches to track their player performance on laptops and tablets.  You can compare individuals, heat maps and positional measurements alongside professional benchmarks.  

This can all be done through the Athlete Series and Coach Series applications which are free to download and there are no subscription fees attached.

In terms of the hardware, clubs and players will receive:

  • A GPS Unit
  • A STATSports Vest for the GPS Unit
  • USB Charging lead
  • Charging Hubs*

*If clubs have 10 or more GPS Units, STATSports will provide a charging hub.

The hardware’s RRP is £200 per unit but STATSports will be flexible if clubs want to purchase several units in one go.

First XV’s from Tynedale down to Redruth can benefit from STATSports’ revolutionary Apex device to help maintain and develop the physical performance of their players. Clubs can also utilise this industry-leading technology to improve and monitor the performance of other teams within their set-up from under-13s right the way through to the seniors.

National League Rugby Chairman John Inverdale said: “Technology is at the forefront of all sport and data and its analysis is an essential tool these days for all players and coaches. This is a great partnership for National League Rugby.”

Scott Finlay of STATSports said: “Our Apex Coach Series app is the perfect solution for clubs at any level to use GPS analysis to drive performance without the need for a Sports Scientist. 

“It’s designed by coaches, for coaches, with easy-to-understand data and an efficient way of actioning the insights from that data. Our technology allows more clubs and players to benefit from accurate data and insights that can help them progress. We get to work with elite rugby teams like the All Blacks, Ireland and England and this helps us to make the Coach Series accessible and beneficial to coaches at all levels.” 

STATSports ambassador Anthony Watson has used the equipment at club and international level: “There are a few metrics that are important, irrelevant of performance,” the British and Irish Lion says. “So high-speed metres is very important, and top speed is very important. Keeping those as high as possible, consistently, is massive for me. It’s something I keep an eye on.”

National League Rugby also sees this as a potential sponsorship opportunity for one of the leading sponsors within your club. If they would like to add another layer to their already brilliant support, why not get them to invest in STATSports’ products?

One of STATSports’ targets is to help improve teams, coaches and athletes at all levels. We feel this is aligned with our continued vision for National League Rugby and we are delighted to see how this partnership develops.

For more information about the product and if you would like to also express your interest in STATSports, please click HERE.