Rugby has introduced a new rule dubbed “shot clock” to get rid of time wasting. Introducing this rule at set pieces and kicks also aims to improve the overall pacing of games. Additionally, these latest changes by World Rugby require players to take conversions within 90 seconds after being awarded a try. Kickers have 60 seconds to complete their penalty attempts.

If you have been following and wagering on rugby events, then you know what the shot clock rule is trying to fix. But, if you don’t have a wagering platform, download Betway app to access most rugby events happening globally. So, how does this new rule transform rugby?

Time Limits Is Not a New Phenomenon

First, the time limit for kickers is not new in rugby law. However, the shot clock rule adds a more organized element to the rule. Furthermore, World Rugby has also added details to current rules that touch on deliberate knock-ons and players supporting their body weight at mauls and rucks.

If a player fails to take a kick within the allotted time, the match officials will disallow the kick. In the meantime, teams are given 30 seconds to scrum down. They are also not allowed to delay forming line-outs. If a team fails to adhere to these laws, the opposing team will be awarded a penalty.

World Rugby Will Cooperate With Other Stakeholders

The World Rugby director claimed that World Rugby would cooperate with member unions, competitions and broadcasters, and match hosts to implement on-screen shot clocks for penalties and conversions. This includes screens in the stadia and broadcasters. These measures will ensure that players, referees, and fans can see the countdown imitating what happens in the French National League and sevens.

World Rugby is moving swiftly to effect these new changes by encouraging elite organizations to enforce the changes from the first of January. Consequently, rugby fans, including those who wager on rugby events on Betway, can expect to see the new laws in effect. Fans should see these new laws in operation during the 2023 Six Nations. Hopefully, this new law will result in more in-field play.

Top 14 Has Already Implemented Shot Clock

The Top 14, the highest tier of French rugby, has implemented shot clocks successfully. On the other hand, the National Basketball Association introduced a shot clock in 2018. The rule gives teams up to 24 seconds to take a shot at the basket, failure to which they have to turn over possession to their opponents.

Renowned commentators have supported the recent changes. They claim that they support anything that speeds up the game. Additionally, World Rugby has given water carriers specific instructions. For example, it claims that water carriers can only enter the field of play after a team scores a try.

The first half of 2023 will be a trial period for the new changes. World Rugby will check whether the new changes are achieving the expected effect and amend where necessary. This trial and amendments will be critical before the Rugby World Cup is held in France. Is there a rule you recommend World Rugby introduce?