England Counties have named a 25-man squad for the upcoming clash against Romania A to be played on Tuesday, 5th June.

England Counties will be heading into Tuesday’s game against Romania A with a lot of confidence after defeating CSM Bucharest 41-17 in the tour opener on 1st June.

The team will be led once again by Joe Makin, who along with double try-scorer Jake Lloyd will be the only players to start in both the games in the tour.

The match will kick-off at 7pm local time before the two teams meet once again on 8th June for the final encounter of the tour.

England Counties squad:

1. Joe Wrafter (Moseley and North Midlands)
2. Danny Maher (Sedgley Park and Lancashire)
3. Cameron Leigh (Esher and Surrey)
4. Rob Conquest (Cambridge and Hertfordshire)
5. Joe Makin (c) (Hull Ionians and Yorkshire)
6. Matt Lane (Cinderford and Gloucestershire)
7. Phill Mills (Rossendale and Lancashire)
8. Harry Hone (Cinderford and Gloucestershire)

9. Tom Banks (Bishop’s Stortford Hertfordshire)
10. Warren Seals (DMP and Durham)
11. Jake Lloyd (Blackheath and Kent)
12. Dan Watt (Old Albanians and Hertfordshire)
13. Lewis Minikin (Hull Ionians and Yorkshire)
14. Jamie Broadley (Sheffield Tigers and Yorkshire)
15. Sean Taylor (Hertford and Hertfordshire)

16. Billy Harding (Esher and Surrey)
17. Joe Smart (Cinderford and Gloucestershire)
18. Karl Garside (Ampthill and Hertfordshire)
19. Liam Edwards (Esher and Surrey)
20. Andy Hughes (Sale FC and Lancashire)
21. Ollie Hodgson (DMP and Durham)
22. Jack Gash (Rosslyn Park and Surrey)
23. Lawrence Rayner (Ampthill and East Midlands)
24. Sam Baker (Ampthill and East Midlands)
25. Matt Hema (Cambridge and Eastern Counties)

Romania A:
1. Marius Lungu (CSA Steaua), 2. Tudor Butnariu (CSA Steaua), 3. Alexandru Gordas (CSA Steaua), 4. Adrian Motoc (C) (Racing 92), 5. Marius Iftimiciuc (Timisoara Saracens), 6. Vlad Neculau (Timisoara Saracens), 7. Marcel Rusu (CS Dinamo), 8. Damian Stratila (CSA Steaua), 9. Gabriel Rupanu (Timisoara Saracens), 10. Tudor Boldor (CSA Steaua), 11. Alexandru Porojan (CSA Steaua), 12. Ionut Balaban (CS Dinamo), 13. Stefan Cucos (Tomitanii), 14. Mihai Lamboiu (CSM Stiinta Baia Mare), 15. Marius Simionescu (Timisoara Saracens). REZERVE: 16. Adrian Tala (CS Tomitanii), 17. Iulian Hartig (CSM Bucuresti), 18. Silviu Suciu (CSM Stiinta Baia Mare), 19. Bogdan Doroftei (CSA Steaua), 20. Silviu Gradinaru (CS Dinamo), 21. Alexandru Afloare (CS Tomitanii), 22. Ovidiu Melniciuc (U Cluj), 23. George Oprea (CSM Stiinta Baia Mare), 24. Ionut Botezatu (CSM Stiinta Baia Mare), 25. Adrian Apostol (CSM Stiinta Baia Mare).