National League Rugby’s new-look bite-sized highlights videos for the 2023/24 season received over 70,000 views following an exciting opening weekend of the campaign. (Photo Credit: John and Barbara Austin)

Building on the positivity created by The National League Rugby Review Show over the last two years, the idea behind the change in format – from a 15-20 minute recap of the four divisions –  is to increase ‘exposure’ and ‘awareness’ of the game at tiers three and four.

The four highlights videos – focusing on National One, National Two North, East and West – are released every single Monday across our three main social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), as well as LinkedIn, YouTube and Threads.

Commenting after Round One, National League Rugby chairman John Inverdale said: “Just a huge thank you to every club in the National Leagues for your efforts in promoting the National League highlights across all platforms last weekend.

“At the time of writing (breakfast on Thursday 7th September), the four short form round-ups had been watched in excess of 71,000 times. That is a phenomenal base from which to start a new season.

“To put that in some kind of context, the best single week we ever had in the previous two seasons, saw just over 4000 views of our highlights programme.

“There are some who I know are disappointed by the decision to change the format this season, and I share that disappointment from an editorial and ideological perspective. However, the key element at play here is exposure and awareness of the game at levels three and four to enable us to promote it further and encourage investment opportunities.

“If we were able to get in excess of 100,000 views in the coming weeks, we really do have something to shout about and encourage others to get involved so thank you for getting us started. We will all benefit if we really can get this project off the ground.”

Below are the links from the opening round of action…


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