Who We Are

The National Clubs Association

  • Represents the 47 Clubs in National Leagues 1, 2, North and South. It therefore represents your Club.
  • Has four Regional Committees – North, Midlands, London and South East and South West. There is a branch near you.
  • Members of the NCA Executive serve on  Committees at the RFU representing the NCA Member Clubs’ interests. These include Council, Competitions and various task and working Groups. Your Club is being represented at the heart of the decision making of  The Rugby Union.
  • Administers the 3 National Leagues
  • Handles league disciplinary matters in respect of Member Clubs
  • Liaises with various RFU departments on matters affecting National League clubs
  • Produce the league fixtures lists for the Member Clubs for approval by RFU
  • Arranges for referees to visit Member Clubs pre-season to discuss laws and their Interpretation with Coaches
  • Is available to help and advise Member Clubs on a day to day basis