National League Rugby can confirm The National League Rugby Review Show will be available for free this season on our brand-new YouTube Channel.

After launching the Show last term, highlights from levels three and four will now be openly accessible after every round of action and each episode will be released on a Monday.

For 2022/23, the Show will also be extended to 20 minutes to increase our coverage of the best tries and biggest moments from our leagues.

Of course, there has also been a structural change to our divisions this year so we will be bringing you a comprehensive round-up from National One as well as National Two North, East and West.

Warren Muggleton will continue to be the face of the Show with the team at Talking Rugby Union – one of the leading websites who cover National League Rugby – assisting our regular host and producer. Warren will also be supported by our fabulous team of voiceover artists who help us bring the action to life.

Despite the Show being free to watch this season, we would encourage all viewers to subscribe to our YouTube channel in order to help us increase the exposure and profile of National League Rugby. Alongside the Show, you will also gain access to podcasts, videos, exclusive interviews and much more. Joining the channel comes at no cost so please see the details below on how to subscribe.

The first Show of the 2022/23 campaign will air on Monday September 5th and our line-up of Key and Featured Games for next month will be announced in due course.

In our maiden season of the Show, we received a total of 18,969 views across the campaign and we hope our new approach will garner more interest so people can watch and enjoy the quality produced on a weekly basis in National One and National Two.

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