The RFU would like to thank everyone who has participated in providing valuable feedback in their consultation on reducing the tackle height in the community game. 

An update from RFU president Nigel Gillingham…

We have listened to thousands of players, volunteers and match officials to understand how we as a game can come together to best define and implement a reduction in the tackle height.

We have heard a wide range of views and gathered thoughts and ideas from 8,500 people through an online open survey, met with over 1000 people during 25 in-person and virtual forums across 13 locations and met 270 coaches, players, match officials, disciplinary officers, club chairs and CBs, parents and teachers through 22 focus groups and online panels.

Everything you have told us is now being independently analysed by the research company YouGov. This independently verified feedback will be presented to the RFU Council ensuring your views are directly heard.

Once the RFU Council have fully reviewed your feedback, decisions will be taken on the proposed law variation and game regulations. Further updates will be provided towards the end of April and we will then provide a range of materials including virtual and in person training and education tools to enable the tackle height reduction to be implemented as smoothly as possible. These materials are being developed using the views, ideas and needs you have shared with us.

We learned a lot from this process and are determined to maintain this two way dialogue so we can keep improving our support for the game. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and to all of you who make rugby the game we know and love.

Nigel Gillingham,

RFU President.